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IRS recommends business owners e-file payroll tax returns

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today urged business owners to take advantage of the speed and convenience of filing these returns electronically.

IRS Forms 940, 941, 943, 944 or 945 are used to report employment tax information. The IRS recommends electronic filing, or e-filing, of these returns.

E-filing saves taxpayers time by performing calculations and populating forms and schedules using a step-by-step interview process. Once submitted, the information is quickly available to the IRS thus reducing processing time.

E-filing is the most accurate method to file returns. Those who e-file receive missing information alerts. Electronically filed returns have fewer errors, which reduces a taxpayer’s chance of receiving an IRS notice.

The IRS takes safeguarding personal information seriously and e-filing security is a top priority at the agency. E-file security standards ensure tax information is protected from security breaches. The IRS requires all authorized IRS e-file providers to ensure only authorized users have access to secure information.

The IRS acknowledges receipt of e-filed returns within 24 hours. The agency retains the information on the tax return, making it accessible to the filer or tax professional around the clock. Unlike filing a return on paper, e-filing assures the filer that the tax return is with the IRS and not misplaced or lost in the mail.

There are two options for electronically filing payroll tax returns:


Businesses purchase IRS-approved software. A list of providers offers options based on the relevant tax year.Business owners may need to pay a fee to electronically file their returns.The tax software requires a signature. The taxpayer has the option to apply for an online signature PIN or to scan and attach Form 8453-EMP, Employment Tax Declaration for an IRS e-file Return.

Have a tax professional file on behalf of the business

Use the Authorized IRS e-file Provider Locator Service to find a tax professional who offers this service.

Only the business owner can apply for an online signature PIN. Third parties, such as attorneys, CPAs, tax return preparers or other tax professionals can’t request a PIN on behalf of the business, nor can they use the PIN to sign returns on behalf of their clients.

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