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Case Study: Tax Geaks’ Strategic Tax Planning for a Personal Injury Law Firm

Client Profile: “Justice & Recovery,” a mid-sized personal injury law firm, approached Tax Geaks to address their tax planning and compliance needs. With a team of 15 attorneys and annual revenues of approximately $5 million, the firm specializes in representing clients in personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.

Challenges: Justice & Recovery faced several tax-related challenges:

  1. Managing the tax implications of contingency fee arrangements.

  2. Optimizing tax deductions related to case expenses advanced on behalf of clients.

  3. Structuring settlements in a tax-efficient manner for both the firm and its clients.

Solutions Implemented by Tax Geaks:

Tax Geaks provided a multi-faceted approach to address the firm’s challenges:

  1. Contingency Fee Arrangement Analysis: We conducted a thorough review of the firm’s contingency fee agreements to ensure proper tax treatment of fees and expenses. This included implementing accounting methods that accurately reflected income recognition in alignment with IRS guidelines.

  2. Advanced Case Expense Deductions: We advised the firm on structuring their advanced case expenses to maximize tax deductions. This involved distinguishing between recoverable client costs and those that are considered firm expenses under the tax code.

  3. Settlement Structuring Advisory: We guided structuring settlements to benefit the firm’s tax position while also considering the tax implications for clients. This included the use of structured settlements and qualified settlement funds to defer tax liabilities where appropriate.


The strategies implemented by Tax Geaks led to significant improvements in Justice & Recovery:

  • The firm was able to defer recognition of income on contingency cases until the settlement was received, improving cash flow and reducing current-year tax liabilities.

  • By properly categorizing and deducting advanced case expenses, the firm reduced its taxable income by 15%.

  • The advised settlement structures allowed clients to receive their awards in a tax-efficient manner, enhancing client satisfaction and the firm’s reputation.


Justice & Recovery’s partnership with Tax Geaks demonstrates the value of specialized tax planning for personal injury law firms. Through strategic analysis and tailored advice, Tax Geaks helped the firm navigate the complexities of tax law related to contingency fee arrangements and settlement structures, resulting in financial benefits for both the firm and its clients.

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